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First Solo / New Ratings

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Name Description Date Aircraft
Thomas O'HalloranFlight InstructorAugust 6, 2022R44
Christina SaccoFlight InstructorJune 13, 2023R44
Sean SkellyFlight InstructorJune 29, 2023R44
David PitteraFirst SoloApril 25, 2016R44CI
Kyle ColasantoCommercial PilotFebruary 6, 2013R44RII
Santo SilvestroPrivate PilotDecember 12, 2012R22BII
Gregg GantterCommercial PilotAugust 17, 2012R44CI
Santo SilvestroFirst SoloApril 28, 2012R22BII
Roone ArledgeInstrumentMay 26, 2011R44CI
David PitteraPrivate PilotOctober 18, 2016R44CI
David PitteraInstrument PilotOctober 11, 2017R44CI
David PitteraCommercial PilotMarch 23, 2018R44CI
Joel EncarnacionFirst SoloSeptember 6, 2018R44CI
Joel EncarnacionPrivate PilotOctober 17, 2019R44CI
Gary BaluhaFirst SoloJanuary 7, 2019R22BII
Travis BeattyFirst SoloMarch 9, 2019R22BII
Lindsay Petre First Solo June 7, 2019R22BII
David PitteraFlight InsrtuctorAugust 12, 2019R44CI
Gary BaluhaPrivate PilotNovember 9, 2019R22BII
Kyle ColasontoInstrument Pilot November 9, 2019R44CI
David PitteraCFII August 20, 2020R44CI
Jonathan CapellanInstrument Pilot August 20, 2020R44CI
Richard WilsonPrivate Pilot September 3, 2020H300CBI
Christina SaccoCommercial Pilot October 6, 2020R22BII
Lindsay PetrePrivate Pilot October 6, 2020R22BII
Rooney Coleman First Solo November 9, 2020R22BII
Christina SaccoInstrument Pilot November 9, 2021R44
Gary BaluhaInstrument Pilot June 10, 2022R44


First Solo

Name Date Aircraft
Pete Gulliuzza 03/07/00 S300C
Mark Stern 06/22/00 R22BII
William Hayes 06/28/00 S300C
Charles Whiting 05/04/01 S300C
Mike Gasperino 09/04/01 R22BII
Peter Latham 08/18/01 R22BII
Eric Cullen 03/01/02 R22BII
Lee Vance 03/24/02 S300C
Paulo Bertin 04/04/02 S300C
Troy Adorno 07/16/02 S300C
Pat Vicario 07/20/02 S300C
Buster Lerner 08/25/02 R22BII
Robert Tamburri 09/20/02 R22BII
Charles Wharton 11/15/02 S300C
Tom Baldyga 12/02/02 S300C
Mitchell Steinberg 10/20/03 R22BII
Jim McCarthy 12/23/03 Bell206B
Brendan O'Connell 02/27/04 R22BII
Frank Kasmarski 11/05/05 R22BII
Dave Hughes 03/11/06 R22BII
Roone Arledge 08/10/06 R22BII
Keith Vitolo 09/04/06 R22BII
Douglas Loutit 01/17/08 R44

New Ratings

Name Description Date Aircraft
Robert Burnnett CFI 03/03/00 S300C
Michael Susi CFI 03/03/00 S300C
Pete Gulliuzza Private 05/13/00 S300C
David Givens CFI 08/28/00 S300C
Curt Brunjies CFI 10/05/00 S300C
Mark Stern Private 03/10/01 R22BII
Morten Ahlquist CFI 05/30/01 S300C
Charles Whiting Private 12/10/01 S300C
William Hayes Commercial 10/10/01 S300C
Peter Latham Private 12/10/01 R22BII
Paulo Bertin Private 05/17/02 S300C
Lee Vance Private 06/28/02 S300C
Michael Schwerin Commercial 07/22/02 S300C
Charles Whorten Private 12/09/02 S300C
Buster Lerner Private 01/28/03 R22BII
Troy Adorno Private 03/07/03 S300C
Eric Cullen Private 11/15/03 R22BII
Mitch Steinberg Private 05/13/04 R22BII
Brendan Oconnell Private 07/02/04 R22BII
Jim McCarthy Private 07/08/04 Bell 206B
Tom Baldyga Private 12/15/05 R22BII
Brendan Oconnell Commercial 03/13/06 R22BII
Frank Kasmarski Private 03/08/06 R22BII
Eric Cullen Commercial 03/21/06 R22BII
Keith Vitolo Private 11/11/06 R22BII
Roone Arledge Jr Private 12/07/06 R22BII
Dave Hughes Private 12/28/06 R22BII
Roone Arledge Jr Commercial 09/24/07 R22BII
Paul Blanchette Commercial 01/15/08 R44RII
Douglas Loutit Private 06/10/08 R44
Douglas Loutit Commercial 09/29/08 R44
Roone Arledge Jr Instrument 05/26/11 R44

R44 Transition Training

Michael Cahn
Mark Stern
Brock Barrett
Charles Whiting
Buster Lerner
Eric Cullen
Brendan Oconnell
Craig Addams
Jeremy Gray
David Coutu
Dave Hughes

Bell 206B Transition Training

Michael Cahn
Jim McCarthy
Mario Centa
Sean Fagan

Bell 206L Transition Training

Jim McCarthy

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