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Centennial Helicopters rental program

We do what most Helicopter schools don't. At Centennial Helicopters we offer a rental program. Depending on your flight experience, upon completion of the Rental Program you are qualified to rent aircraft from Centennial.

Robinson R44 Transition

  • Prerequisite: Private Pilot, 75 hours in helicopter, 50 hours Robinson
  • 5 Hours R44
  • 1 Hour basic maneuvers
  • 2 Hour advanced maneuvers
  • 2 Hour emergency procedures
  • Ground instruction
  • Cost $2365

Rental Checkouts

  • If you have:
  • 500 Hours total time
  • 10 Hours make & model
  • 250 Hours total time
  • 50 Hours make & model
  • 100 Hours total time
  • 75 Hours make & model
  • You require 3-5 hour check out in make & model
  • If you have:
  • 100 Hours total time and less than 75 hours make & model
  • You require 5-10 hour check out in make & model

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Centennial Helicopters